Honesty bar

Do you always want to be able to enjoy a healthy meal before or after your workout?

In our honesty bar you can relax after a hard workout, make a smoothie and enjoy healthy and good food. Schedule an intake and together we will discuss all the possibilities

Why our honesty bar?

With the honesty bar you can really get the most out of your membership at Beyondfit. Your health is our priority.

Only organic products

All products in the honesty bar are organic and non-GMO. So you can always experience the most delicious and healthy meals for yourself.

Home away from home

You can feel completely at home in our honesty bar. Make your own smoothies and capuccinos, relax and unwind after a hard workout together with other members or a coach.

Based on trust

With the honesty bar, you can rest assured that our priority is your health, which is why we only offer products that are healthy and good for you.


Healthy food with our Honesty bar

Do you often have little time to prepare a healthy meal? It can sometimes be difficult to think about a healthy diet in your busy life. We often grab something ready to go as soon as possible. In our honesty bar we only use organic and healthy products, so you can be sure you are getting the right nutrition. Take a rest after your workout with a nice smoothie and coffee, or come and work in our honesty bar and use all our healthy products for a delicious meal.

Our products are:

  • Organic and non-GMO
  • Fresh and of high nutritional value
  • High-quality products validated by our nutritionist

Curious to see what the honesty bar looks like?

Curious about the honesty bar? The honesty bar is a place where you can feel at home and completely relax. View a small impression here or drop by Beyondfit to see for yourself.

Pillars honesty bar

With the honesty bar we want to create a space for where clients can feel at home and relax after an effective workout.


The honesty bar is a place where you can sit comfortably with fellow members or coach, drink a coffee and unwind together.

Feeling at home

You can feel completely at home and at ease in the honesty bar. The honesty bar provides a personal approach where everyone can enjoy a meal and a drink together.

Hospitable and friendly environment

At Beyondfit, you are not treated like a number. Everyone is welcome and we always work together to create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere.

"With the honesty bar we want to create an environment where everyone can feel at home and build a place of trust. "

- David Billy


Always assured of a healthy meal

The honesty bar is a place where your health comes first and where you can feel completely at home. It can sometimes be difficult to prepare healthy meals if you have little time or don't have all the knowledge yet. As a member of Beyondfit, you are always assured of healthy products in the honesty bar, or a quick snack after exercise. You no longer have to think about which products are healthy, because we have already selected this for you.

Healthy choice

Would you like to be able to always make use of healthy and high quality products?

With our honesty bar you can be sure that you are getting the right nutrition. A quick snack after exercise and a tasty meal while working. Request a free intake and find out for yourself.

How the honesty barworks

You can use the honesty bar with a membership or buy products yourself.

Free bar

With a membership you can use unlimited smoothies, cappuccino, coffee, fruit and water

Grab & pay

Choose from the different meals, soups, fruit juices, healthy snacks and much more


In our shop you can buy various organic and healthy products such as supplements, granola and nuts etc.

Rent a hall

Are you looking for a room for your event?

Are you looking for a place for a cooking workshop, team outing, drinks party, birthday or other small event? Then it is possible to hire the honesty bar for events up to 17 people. Receive your guests in a healthy and cozy environment where everyone can feel at ease. You can always contact us for the possibilities and to discuss your wishes.


  • Drinks
  • Cooking workshop
  • Team building
  • Corporate event
  • Birthday

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As soon as you have indicated where we may send the brochure, we will send the Beyondfit brochure to you by e-mail.

"Hopefully, you will gain much more insight by reading the Beyondfit brochure and find out what Beyondfit stands for. We hope you enjoy reading and if you have any questions during or after you read it, please let us know!

Kind regards,


Founder & creative business developer, Beyondfit

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about the honesty bar? See below if your question is already listed or contact us without obligation.

If I do not want to subscribe to the Self service bar, can I still use the bar facilities?
Yes, that is still possible! There is a price list at the bar where you can get things.
Is there anyone who can help me at the honesty bar?
If there are coaches on standby, they will certainly help you. But the honesty bar is a self-service bar, where you can basically do everything yourself, just like at home.
Can I use the honesty bar if I am not a member?
At the moment, you can only use the honesty bar if you have a membership of Beyondfit. Maybe we will change this in the future.
How often does the menu change?
We have a different menu every week with a variety of fish, meat and vegetarian and vegan options.
Just relax

A nice coffee after exercise, or a delicious meal during work?

In our honesty bar you can enjoy exclusively organic products for a healthy snack or meal. Schedule an intake without obligation and we will explain the concept to you.

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