Sako's issue?

Sako's goal was to lose weight and feel fit again. He wanted to regain energy and change his lifestyle by learning healthy habits. He had no experience of training and was keen to get started. Sako has a busy job, so it can sometimes be difficult to find the regularity and structure himself.

The result of Sako?

Sako has now been working on the Weight Loss programme for 3 months and has already lost 12 kilos and his fat percentage has decreased by 4.7%. He is still doing very well and feels a lot fitter already. It is not only the training sessions, but especially the overall change in his lifestyle that has helped him achieve his goals.





Sako has chosen the Weight loss programme. The Weight Loss programme is aimed at sustainable weight loss without having to follow a very strict diet. In the weight loss programme, you will train 2 - 3 times a week, of which 2 x strength training and 1 or 2 times a week walking. You will also be supported by a nutrition coach who will teach you a healthy diet and lifestyle. You will be in contact with your coach twice a week via WhatsApp and will use our food app for guidance and monitoring. Want to know more about the Weight Loss programme? Click below to see how the full programme works.

Why the Weight Loss Programme

Sako chose the Weightloss programme because he wanted to lose weight. He had no experience at all with training and he was also unable to learn a healthy diet. Sako is a chef himself, which means that he is often busy with food. He therefore understands food, but not so much about what his body needs to lose weight. The weight loss programme was able to help him find the structure in his meals and teach him the right things about a healthy diet for losing weight.

The Story of Sako

The mix of expertise and motivation of the coaches at Beyondfit has opened my eyes again. They have helped me with a healthy eating pattern with the help of a nutritionist. The training sessions are targeted by motivational trainers, which keeps the training sessions fun. At Beyondfit there is a really positive and "down to earth" atmosphere where everyone has a place. For me, it has resulted in a real change of lifestyle so that in 12 weeks I have lost 12 kg which will never come back.

Fabian's story

Sako has a busy job. He is the chef and recipe maker of Wagamama Benelux. So you can imagine that in his work, he has food around him all the time. For this reason, he struggled to be consistent with his meals, get the right nutrition, portion size and structure. He knows a lot about nutrition, but not specifically what his body needs to see results. Fortunately, he loves working out - he always tries his best during training sessions and also made the effort to walk 5000 - 10000 steps on the days he didn't train with the personal trainer. Using our food app really helped Sako get results because it forced him to:

Being aware of what he was eating by recording everything
Giving structure to his meals and not eating or snacking randomly
Understanding what he ate, how much he ate and where his food came from

This awareness, the weekly feedback, the weekly monitoring of his progress (weighing moment) and his commitment is what really brought about change.

"You don't have to be extreme, just consistent.

Are you curious what the Weight Loss programme can do for you? You can schedule a free intake so that together we can look at your goals and determine whether the Weight Loss programme is suitable for you.

How can I start Personal Training?

It always starts with small steps. If you would like to start with personal training and think that we can help you well, it starts with a free intake. These are the steps to take.


Free intake interview

During the intake we will look together at what you are struggles are, discuss your goals and find out how we can help you.


Free trial lesson

On the basis of the intake interview, we will put together a suitable trial session. During the trial session we will do an extensive body scan and you will do the first exercises together with your personal trainer.


Getting started

If everything is to your liking and ours, we can get started. You will notice that training takes some getting used to in the beginning, but you will feel at home at Beyondfit from the very first moment.

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