The Story of Jochem Moes

Would you like to train at Beyondfit and are you curious about who can help you achieve your goals? Then you might just run into Jochem Moes.

Jochem Moes

Our top physiotherapist Jochem is a true expert in his field. His understanding of functional movement, strength & conditioning and clinical rehabilitation allows him to truly understand the body's potential. These are strength, resilience and healing. With Jochem, injuries don't mean the end of your active lifestyle because his expertise and the knowledge of our trainers ensure a successful recovery and outcome.


Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention
Posture correction
Neck and back complaints

"As a physiotherapist, I look at the big picture: exercise, eating well, getting enough sleep and reducing stress."

Are you curious what Jochem Moes can do for you? You can schedule a free intake so we can look together at your goals and determine which way of training is best for you.

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Jochem Moes

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